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Modern Wedding Trends: Livestreamed Wedding Attendance

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

In today’s modern society, technology plays a role in everyday lives, from smartphones, to smart homes. When everyone was homebound, the only way to see people was through Zoom meetings. Technology has worked its way into everyone’s lives, including today’s future brides and grooms.

James, our videographer and photographer along with the team he works with, specializing in weddings, recently added a new medium—livestreaming. We met up with James, a chief technology officer, to learn about him and to get a better understanding of how livestreaming is modernizing weddings and impacting families.

James, who’s been in the US since college (2004 to be exact), left Malaysia to attend St. Cloud State University. There, he met his wife through St. Cloud’s huge international community, and the rest is history.

His motivation to move to the United States was not only to attend college, but because Malaysia did not offer many opportunities for ethnic minorities. He wanted to do work in the creative space and, when he got into the US program, he stayed.

James’ videography passion grew while in high school. At the time, Malaysia only had 3 local government-run networks and every Friday they showed Hollywood movies. His first Hollywood movie was Jaws, which, even today, makes him do a double take whenever he’s in the water. Later, after watching Star Wars, the concept of computer-generated images (CGI) of people fascinated him.

James, and the company he works for, had been filming weddings for 20 years, then they were acquired in 2017 by a premiere Japanese wedding company founded in the early 1950’s. Their specialty has been videography, and photography has also been a supplemental service they provide. After Covid shut things down in 2020, James and his teammates started livestreaming in September to add a new service to their offerings.

Besides having everyone you know attend the wedding remotely, James’ top 3 benefits of livestreaming are:

  1. The biggest advantage: a broad reach with no boundaries. An example is when singer-ukulele player Honoka did a concert and learned that half her audience is from Japan.

  2. Livestreaming helps identify your audience through comments and beyond

  3. Allows the ability to enjoy another culture without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Top things bridal couples should know about livestreaming their wedding:

  1. Keep in mind it’s live and what you say will be broadcasted in real-time because everything is being recorded

  2. Refrain from cussing and fighting while livestreaming (although it may make for an impromptu reality show)

  3. Refrain from saying unpleasant things about others, whether they are in attendance at the event or not (again—being recorded live!)

  4. There’s a 10-second delay to the live feed, to the platform, to the home, which allows the live-stream team to cut it off if needed (relief!)

The best thing James loves about his job:

  • The love and real emotions of the couples’ special moments---it’s the best compliment a creator can experience.

  • Showing the same day edit of the bridal couple and their wedding party getting ready and of the ceremony; the emotion shown is priceless.

Like James, we love weddings and are proud of our cadre of skilled, passionate professionals who will ensure your special moment will be a beautiful priceless memory. If you or someone you know is planning to get married in Hawai`i, contact us today at Wedding Estates Hawaii so we can help you make your wedding dreams come true.

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