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Top Wedding Professionals Creating “Wedding Magic”

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Helping Design Your Special Day

When planning for your wedding, having someone with experience, well-organized, creative, with good follow-through is important. We know how valuable these qualities are to our clients, which is why we have partnered with some of the top professionals in Hawaii.

Mona Hirata-Sung and Dania Mossman are our highly acclaimed preferred wedding experts based on Oahu.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Mona’s experiences include:

  • Has been in the wedding field for over 20 years

  • Is the founder and planner of NEU Events

  • Has catered to local clientele, as well as mainlanders, Asian, Canadian and Australian nationals who desire a customized experience

  • Shares her industry knowledge through lectures to visiting international students on entrepreneurship, wedding and event planning

Dania, also a local girl, has 10+ years in the wedding and event industry and:

  • Has previous experience working at a well-regarded Oahu wedding venue

  • Is the founder and prima consultant of Tropical Moon Events

  • Thrives on helping those who are “adventurous at heart, love to travel and soul-seekers,” who want a wedding experience customized for them

  • Her clients are not focused on a material- or budget-based wedding, but on creating a space and place to share an experience they’ll never forget.

Both planners love what they do. When asked about the top things they love about wedding planning, here’s what they shared:

Dania loves:

  • Being in the thick of “wedding magic”—when everything comes together to create the experience and the pure joy vibe is in the air. People are talking, are dressed to the “T” and music is playing.

  • Working with entrepreneurs and creatives because they’re a wonderful group of creative entrepreneurs working to create wedding magic.

  • Weddings because they’re a joy to put together and watch unfold.

Mona enjoys weddings because:

  • Of its trend-based nature—always new and refreshing

  • She loves working with couples to share knowledge with them, and contributing and helping (I.e. kiss, father daughter dance).

  • She’s never bored because of the project-based nature of the business and gets to meet new people and build special relationships that continue after the event.

Both of these wedding rockstars have a cadre of vendors who deliver services to create that perfect dream wedding and are able to offer customizable creative touches to reflect the bridal couple.

What’s the most memorable wedding they’ve put on?

For Mona, those with a theme have been memorable. One wedding had a "street fighter" theme. From the invitations mirroring the game, to the big-screen TVs for guests to play “in the game.”

Dania’s most memorable wedding was with the bride, a dancer, and her bride-squad her dance troupe. During the first dance, she and husband did a 10-minute mashup, and was so entertaining, funny, and fun.

These remarkable professionals embody Wedding Estates Hawaii’s level of quality, expertise and passion to create your most memorable wedding. If you’re planning to get married in Hawaii and are looking to make your wedding dreams come true this summer or beyond, CONTACT US today.

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