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Wedding Estates Hawaii Offers A Rich Hawaiian Cultural Experience

Wedding Estate Hawaii’s Lo`i Kalo venue offers a rich Hawaiian cultural experience.

When you think of events in Hawai`i, you imagine a rural setting in the country for a rich Hawaiian cultural experience. When you first arrive on O`ahu and find buildings, traffic, and a fast-paced environment, you are brought back to reality. There is a space on O`ahu where you can still experience an ancient of days feel, reminiscent of Hawaiian culture of yesteryear. Wedding Estates Hawaii’s Lo`i Kalo venue offers a rich authentic Hawaiian cultural experience.

Our Lo`i Kalo property is situated on the North Shore of O`ahu in the Kamananui ahupu`a, also known as Waialua. The six-acre property, filled with kalo (taro) ponds, indigenous plants, punawai (natural spring source) and green spaces, is a working kalo farm that focuses on educating the community through cultural practices and emphasizes respect and connecting to the ‘āina (or mālama ‘āina).

What makes Lo`i Kalo so unique is, from the time you arrive, until the time you leave, you are immersed in a Hawaiian cultural experience. Some days, haumāna (students) are cleaning out one of the lo`i (kalo or taro patch immersed in water), while on other days, the kumu (teacher) is educating on the different native Hawaiian plants and uses practiced by the ancient Hawaiians.

The property is such a special place and emits mana (power) from the past and present. Being onsite creates a special connection with the `āina, the Kanaka Maoli (indigenous Hawaiian people), and the ancient Hawaiian culture and practices. It’s a perfect location for small intimate events, wedding ceremonies, or for those who want to give back and want to experience a unique Hawaiian cultural experience.

Photos: Keith Uehara Photography Ho'onui llc

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