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Food Trends for Weddings in 2021

Everyone loves food. And wedding food is no exception. I don’t know about you, but when I go to a wedding, oftentimes the food is tasty and abundant—especially if you’re in Hawaii.

Over time, going to weddings was synonymous with lots of appetizers, buffets and beverages. In 2021, food creativity and uniqueness are top of the list, followed by making sure it’s served safe and healthy for all.

What are people serving at weddings this year? Here’s what our research has found, courtesy of Brides, The Bash and Wedding Ideas:

Plated v. Buffet

Being served meals allows for more control, less contact. Multicourse meals, wedding finery!

Small pre-plated appetizers and meals

Fewer guests allow for elaborate small bite meals. Little bites allow for continuous grazing.

Signature cocktails and canned or bottled cocktails

Pre-wedding cocktails customized just for the wedding. Cute, pre-packaged spirits for fun and safe imbibing.

An assortment of pre-dinner canapes and late-night appetizers

The party must go on and people get hungry as it does!

Plant-based options

With the growing number of vegetarians, vegans and those who want to focus on healthy eating, plant-based options will be a crowd-pleaser for those guests who prefer clean-eating.

Farm to table meals and seasonal locally sourced meals

Locally sourced food supports local farmers and is healthy, tasty food--everybody wins!

On-site Food Trucks

Minimizes wait time, provides diverse food offerings and individualized meals.

These awesome wedding food and beverage trends will work well for destination weddings. Having a smaller, more intimate wedding, your wedding reception can showcase fun and creativity in a tasty way for all in 2021. If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding on Oahu, Hawaii, contact us today about booking your 2021 (and beyond) wedding.

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