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Choose Hawai'i, Choose Paradise

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Congratulations, you’ve just gotten engaged! You and your love have decided that you can’t live without each other and want to make a life together. Celebrating your love in an intimate ceremony with the people you love is one of the most special and important days of your lives. Like many people, there are so many you (as well as your parents) want to include that it can be overwhelming. You want those who’ve meant something in your lives to be present, so you decide that, instead of having a huge overwhelming affair, you want to celebrate in an intimate setting with just those who are close to you. Some of your loved ones may live abroad and it could be challenging to get everyone to where you are, especially if you’re halfway between the two oceans (Pacific and the Atlantic).

Choose Hawai`i. Choose Paradise. Choose tropical beaches and beautiful rain forests, with majestic mountains, to be the backdrop of your nuptials. Fragrant flowers and native plants, some not found anywhere in the world, to capture the uniqueness of your love.

Soon, Wedding Estates Hawai`i will offer all of what you dream about for that special day—and more. An all-inclusive luxury estate, in an intimate private setting, will be that perfect location to celebrate your love. Hawai`i’s top wedding planners, caterers, musicians and more will create that perfect event for your perfect day. Resulting in a wedding that’s beyond a dream.

Sign up to join our waiting list at, and we’ll send your invitation to one of our exclusive wedding venues. For your special day, with your special people, in the world’s most special place.

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