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Our Mission

When planning for your wedding, having someone with experience, well-organized, creative, with good follow-through is important. We know how valuable these qualities are to our clients, which is why we are collaborating with some of the top professionals in Hawaii, with years of experience.

These remarkable professionals embody Wedding Estates Hawaii’s level of quality, expertise and passion to create your most memorable wedding. If you’re planning to get married in Hawaii and are looking to make your wedding dreams come true the summer of 2021 or beyond, Sign Up to join our waiting list today.


In 2000, we started with real life experience handling weddings at a hotel and without any formal education in wedding planning. We crafted our approach to wedding planning based on our strong set of values – giving our best, working hard for our clients, standing by ethical practices, providing our couples with the very best possible, working on behalf of our clients with the utmost of sincerity. Essentially, we looked at each wedding and thought to ourselves, “if this were our best friend’s wedding, and having the wedding-related knowledge and skills that we possess, how can we help this couple and give them as much as we possibly can so that they can have the very best wedding imaginable?” 

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Dania Mossman

After a decade of globetrotting adventures, bartending, and an International Studies BA in pocket, Dania Mossman came home to Hawaii to plant roots.  She wanted to mix up some fun, fresh island cocktails in Oahu's event scene, which led to the launch of Tropical Moon as a cocktail catering company. She fell in love with so many facets of the creative world of weddings and events and with her knack for detail, organization and design, Dania soon became a Venue Manager and a Wedding Coordinator...

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Hunter Kwiatkowski

Our passion is entertaining you on the most important day(s) of your life cherishing every moment with the people that matter to you most! We want you to be able to have the music and entertainment that you have always dreamt of. Using our top of the line sound and high end lighting equipment , we always make sure to play the music you want to hear, and not any of the songs you fear. We do this using personalized playlist to your exact preferences so that you have the perfect vibe for your wedding or event...

Cherryl Cunanan


Cherryl earned her Bachelor Science Degree in Travel Management and Associate of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Brigham Young University of Hawaii. She served as the Meeting Professional International Aloha Chapter VP of Finance (2006-2008) and Director of Fundraising (2008-2011), Business Network International Million Dollar Chapter President (2008), Filipino American Multi Ethnic Society Board of Director (2006-2008) and Vice President (2008). Cherryl has been awarded by the MPI Aloha Chapter as the Meeting Planner of the Year. 

Cherryl is knowledgeable in servicing various types of groups such as corporate, association, government, sports and entertainment. She is experienced in contract review and negotiation. Many of those who have worked with Cherryl describe her as strong in follow-through, dependable and trustworthy.

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