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Looking Good and Feeling Good On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

A team is important, especially when it comes to your wedding. At Wedding Estates Hawaii, we have an outstanding team of photographers, entertainment producers and vendors who will help your dream wedding become a reality.

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important experiences and memories of peoples’ lives. It’s the day that all the planning, the dreams and those special touches need to come together to make it fun and be an extension of the bridal couple.

Our preferred photographers are passionate, experienced professionals with great personalities and a history of clients who have appreciated their art. Our musical entertainment producer is a fun guy with a creative talent to bring fun to your events. He cares about using music to set the tone for the wedding and reception.

Julie Ann Call Photography

Julie Ann, has been in the photography business for over 20 years, is fun-loving and does engagements, loves surprise proposals and weddings, as well as post-wedding, honeymoon and “trash the dress” sessions. Things she loves most about being a wedding photographer are:

  • Joy of the wedding day, where everyone is happy

  • The spontaneity of a shoot

  • Challenges of making everything look so seamless and making things work

  • Telling visual stories—especially love stories

  • The ultimate visual outcome when family and friends aren’t able to attend the wedding look at her work and feel as though they were there anyway.

Rae Marshall Photography

Rae Marshall, a 15-year veteran photographer and military wife with an appreciation for other service members’ commitment, does wedding, family, pregnancy, branding and model photography, as well as couples’ photography. Through her work, she gets to meet so many different people from all over the world. She works with those who want moments of their life photographed in a natural setting and capturing the emotions of the moment. Her favorites of being a photographer are:

  • Likes being reminded of important moments

  • Seeing important things happening to people

  • Going to different locations and meeting different people

  • Every day is different

Aloha Event DJ

Hunter Kwiatkowski is the Event DJ, a life-long musician and seasoned entertainment producer. He’s been in the wedding business since 2017 and his DJ entertainment services range from weddings, baby luaus and 50th wedding anniversaries, to corporate events. But he primarily provides any kind of music clients want to listen too, including providing live music, to match the desired event energy level. Things Hunter loves about providing world-class musical entertainment:

  • Making people feel really good and happy on the most important day of their life

  • Making guests happy and go home feeling good at the end of the day

Everybody’s Top 3

We asked our team what their top 3’s about weddings are, and here’s what they said:


  • Being able to improve people’s lives with music because they’ve worked so hard at planning it

  • The musical aspect of bringing excitement and energy to the dance portion of the wedding, and getting people dancing and having fun

  • Being able to do what he loves most while living in Hawaii


  • Seeing “first looks” (the first glimpse of a bride when she’s dressed up to marry her love) because it’s an exciting moment people dream about

  • The reception—where people are having fun dancing

  • When all of the bridesmaids get together and, since she has 3 sisters, she likes seeing the closeness and relationships of the bridesmaids

Julie Ann:

  • Weddings place her in the most beautiful places on the island of O`ahu

  • Loves working the landscape and the lush tropical environment

  • Being invited into one of the most intimate times of a couples’ life and considers it a privilege that they’ve chosen her to tell their story

Most Memorable

Everyone’s got a “most-memorable” to share:

Julie Ann:

A couple had 37 people in their wedding, with 9 different locations, 2 outfit changes during the course of the ceremony, and had choreographed musicians and vocalists perform. She did the whole event shoot herself!


She shot a wedding in Los Angeles of an older couple who met at 20 years old, never married, then later reconnected again 20 years later. They got married at a castle because their story was like a fairy tale.


A bride and groom fell in love and had their first kiss at a reggae concert; the groom’s dream was to have the reggae musician play their first dance live at their wedding. Hunter hid the musician in the sound booth, then, on cure, came out and, to the bride’s surprise, played a song the groom wrote for her.

We have an amazing team of artists who want to create amazing memories on the most special day of your life. We look forward to helping you craft your wedding event, so contact us today to book your dream wedding.

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