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Where To Have Our Wedding?!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Getting engaged is exhilarating! Spending time with one another and developing the closeness that culminates into thoughts of spending a lifetime together. Then there’s the wedding…

Getting married—that’s another story. A wedding can be quite a logistical nightmare for people who have family from out of town OR out of country, especially if one family is from Asia, Oceania or even South America and the other is from the United States.

Premarital plans can also involve relational kickball (bridal couple are the “ball, families are the kickers), community relational debt repayment (“you invited me to your son’s wedding, so I need to invite you to my kid’s wedding”) or regional dominance assertion (“of course the wedding will be in our town/country”).

Why a Hawaiian destination wedding may be a great compromise to help:

  • Provide a wedding location mutually independent of each family’s town, region or country and, more than likely most (relational debt repayors) won’t want to spend a bunch of money to attend;

  • Can integrate each of the bridal couple’s family traditions into the wedding ceremony, making it our own;

  • Offer a great place for amazing Instagram wedding posts!

  • Reduce the costs of either family or attendees who live the furthest away, from traveling the complete distance to the wedding from across the country or another country;

Future brides and grooms: whether you’re both from the U.S. or one of you is from out-of-country, a destination wedding, especially in Hawai`i, can create a memorable, drama-free and postable event for you.

Learn How-To find your wedding photographer in our post next month. 4 Tips To Finding Your Dream Wedding Photographer.

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