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Are destination weddings in Hawaii more expensive?

When couples start planning their wedding, they deal with so many decisions and details: where to have their wedding (and the reception as well), who to invite, how much it will cost versus what they want to have, and the list goes on.

Now that people are traveling again, destination weddings are more attractive and couples thinking about going out of town are wondering where to have their wedding. Having a wedding abroad sounds romantic but may entail significant costs. When Hawai`i comes to mind, some believe it also may be costly.

Not so. Here are three reasons why having a destination wedding in Hawai`i may not be more expensive.

1. Fewer people attending means doing YOUR WEDDING YOUR WAY

Let’s face it. Unless you completely DIY, weddings costs money. The Knot reported that the average number of guests in 2021 was 105, at a cost of $266 per guest. The same study reported that an average of 54 guests attended “international” destination weddings. You do the math. This gives the couple a bit more funds to splurge on little details they might normally refrain from when in their hometown with the elevated guest count.

2. No passport costs

If you’ve never owned a passport so far, you can continue to pass on the costs and time of obtaining one. It’ll cost you $165 (including execution fee). If you’re last minute because you’re so busy, it’ll take an additional $60 to expedite it. And this is just to get a passport book, according to the United States Passport Fee Schedule.

3. Celebrate your love in Paradise IN OUR COUNTRY!

If you’re skeptical about going abroad, but want an out-of-country feel, want to celebrate your love in a tropical setting yet stay within the United States? Trip Savvy refers Hawai`i as an “Island State,” while Hawaii Biodiversity cites Hawai`i’s diverse climate fostering a unique dispersal of plants in the islands. In addition to these features, our geographical and botanical features are right here in the United States’ “back yard.” We also have warmth and sun, a plethora of mouthwatering foods to “like” as noted by Hawaii Magazine, multicultural heritage, museums, amazing farmers markets happening all week, volcanoes, and the bluest water in the United States thank you. In post-COVID landscape, this may be a safe option for some who are interested in attending your destination wedding.

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. Why stress about traveling out-of-country for your destination wedding when you have Hawai`i, one of the most unique locations in the United States?

If you’re looking for a wedding venue for 2023, contact us today at Wedding Estates Hawaii to learn about our 3 beautifully unique venues before we fill up!

Photos courtesy Rae Marshall Photography

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