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What’s The Best Month To Get Married In Hawaii?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Hawai`i. Paradise. Beautiful blue waters, endless beaches, part of the United States’ history, and lots of great food. And a great place to get married!

If you’re planning to get married in Hawai`i, and you want an outdoor wedding, you may be wondering so many things, including what’s the best month to get married in Hawai`i.

Hawai`i’s a great place to not only get married, but also to spend your honeymoon. There are six islands to visit, but we will focus on the island of O`ahu.

Photo courtesy of Rae Marshall Photography

If you’re trying to plan your wedding and honeymoon during the month with the least number of visitors, according to data from the Hawai`i Tourism Authority, historically, the months with the lowest number of weddings was January and August.

January follows the recovery from the holidays and people may be short of funds to travel. Another thing about January is that it’s in the middle of the Hawaiian winter and rain squalls are a real thing.

August is in the last of the summer months, is extremely hot, and is part of the summer travel busyness.

According to The Knot, the two times that may be good to avoid are Japan's Golden Week holiday (late April–early May, mostly affects Oahu) and Big wave surfing events (typically held December–February, mostly affects Oahu and Maui).

Photo courtesy of Keith Uehara Photography

In the post-pandemic landscape, however, Japanese have been refraining from travel due to their strict pandemic guidelines for returning into their country.

O`ahu’s big wave season has historically attracted surfers from all of the world to compete and surf the North Shore’s iconic surf spots. Hawai`i Magazine explains more about the big surf on O`ahu’s north shore. The roads get a little crowded near surf spots due to the two-lane highway. But, the North Shore is still one of the most beautiful places on Oahu and is a great place to get married.

Photo courtesy of Julie Ann Call Photography

All in all, Fall is the best time to have a destination wedding because:

  • Peak tourist season is ending

  • The weather is slightly cooler

  • The rainy season hasn’t quite started up

The best ingredients for a wonderful time for you and your party.

Regardless of the month you choose, your wedding in Hawai`i will be special and memorable, and you’ll have a built-in honeymoon location!

We hope this helps you with your decision to have a wedding in Hawai`i, particularly on O`ahu. If you’re planning to get married later in 2022 or 2023, CONTACT US TO BOOK your wedding NOW to ensure you get one of our three venues on the date you desire.

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