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A Couple’s Journey Experienced Globally

Everyone loves a story! Whether it’s a novel, a movie, or tells the story of how something got started, stories help us to feel the message.

Sci Ani, a media production company creating content animation and promotion services for academia, commercial, non-profit organizations, e-learning developers and government, does just that. Wedding Estates Hawaii, a global wedding company, is proud to have them develop our first animation story (in English and Japanese) of how we solve dilemmas for couples dealing with wedding planning stress.

To better understand where they’ve come from and how our collaboration has been so unique, we spoke to Operations Director Alastair Cook, to hear his Sci Ani story. His roots in the company run deep, as he was the company’s second employee ever. Starting out with humble beginnings in a log cabin, he helped spearhead the marketing and external communications of services they offered.

He was part of the business’ scale-up to 11,000 subscribers on YouTube – most of whom were subscribers in the science field wanting to keep their knowledge base up to date. Topics they animated have included earth, environment, anthropology, financial and various technologies.

Many are not familiar with what Sci Ani does, whose mission, according to their website, is to communicate research effectively, beautifully and with maximum impact. To Alastair, this means to level the playing field of understanding, bridging the gap between academia and general audience, and to help scientists communicate their work with greater accessible and broader impact.

Because Sci Ani has focused primarily in providing animation work for research teams in 26 countries, reaching out to a Hawaii-based company was a departure from their usual content. Everyone has a story to tell (science or wedding planning) and they wanted to connect with a more diverse audience. By working with Wedding Estates Hawaii, Sci Ani sought to branch out by communicating peoples’ stories from all over the world.

How has doing something so totally different from their standard subject matter affected Alastair?

The best way to engage your mind is by doing something different. The general work they do challenges how they think, but this project has definitely helped to broaden their thinking.

Anyone who has a story to tell and doesn’t know how to tell it, those wanting to entertain or those who want to communicate a message but can’t phrase it properly should consider using Sci Ani’s services.

We loved working with Sci Ani’s team and appreciated that they used a prescription when working with a new client. We also thrilled that they could translate our English animation into Japanese. Check out our Japanese language animation.

One day, Alastair plans to visit Hawaii and see the beauty of Hawaii that serves as Wedding Estates Hawaii's backdrop to make wedding dreams come true.

We, at Wedding Estates Hawaii, are so fortunate to work with vendors who help us to look good and tell our story. Would you like to become a part of our story? Contact us today to book one of our wedding venues for your intimate destination wedding in 2022.

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