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Having Your Back With Hotel Reservations

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Your destination event, whether it’s a destination wedding or corporate event, should run smoothly. Especially if you travel a significant distance, you don’t want problems with your hotel plans. However, if you and your group book your lodging and something beyond your control results in the need to reschedule, you don’t want to be hit with fees and other things. That’s where Cherryl comes in.

We met with Cherryl Cunanan, the Global Accounts Director for a global meeting and site selection firm, to learn how their services will help destination event clients.

Cherryl’s familiarity with the travel industry runs deep-- over 20 years’ experience—17 of those years has been at her current job. She has a BS Degree in Travel Management, and multiple awards from the industry.

Cherryl helps clients find hotels globally and assists with contract negotiations and risk management, including lodging cancellations and help to minimize penalties.

Their most important service they offer to destination travelers is risk management, which gives clients more confidence when they book their lodging arrangements. They help clients save time and money, by knowing what’s in and not in their lodging contract.

Their services range from small 10-hotel room blocks, roughly 20 people, up to 10,000, as long as the target destination city has the capacity.

The top 3 things Cherryl loves about what she does are:

  • Loves helping clients solve problems, especially the more complicated issues because it hones her skills.

  • Showcasing what she can do.

  • Working at one of the largest group room producers for every hotel brand with an established reputation.

Has there been any tight spot she’s helped travelers get through?


One of the most challenging issues she’s helped resolve was when an Australian client had to cancel due to not being able to leave the country. A hotel was going to hold them accountable for up to $10,000! As you can imagine, this caused extreme stress for the client. Cherryl was able to enlist her firm’s management support and informed the hotel that, not working with her client, could result in reconsideration of her firm’s partnership with them.

We, at Wedding Estates Hawaii, are aligned with great partners, like Cherryl, to help “make your dreams come true.” If you’re planning a destination wedding or luxury local wedding with out-of-town guests, contact us today!

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