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Top 5 Reasons to Have A Destination Wedding In Hawaii

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

You are the parents of a newly-engaged couple, Congratulations! The excitement begins, with planning the blessed event, the décor, the dress, the theme, and on, and on. You may be parents whose bride and groom may be one of the 22% of couples who are from differing regions (Wedding Wire). Coordinating these family members and regional friends could be a challenge logistically, especially if they live abroad across the Pacific. Holding a destination wedding that either meets halfway, or all the way, from the region can cut down on a huge wedding guest list and offers a more intimate setting with accoutrements a traditional wedding in one’s hometown may not offer. Consider Hawai`i as your destination wedding venue location. And here’s why:

1. Have fewer guests and be able to enjoy the company of a few in meaningful ways, instead of not remembering who attended.

2. Hawai`i is in the top locations preferred outside of the continental U.S. It’s always warm, boasts a plethora of tropical foliage and the food is amazing. (Group Travel, TripSavvy)

3. Attendees tend to stay longer and will enjoy that Hawaiian vacation they imagined going on but just never got around to planning.

4. More opportunity for pre-wedding festivities, making the event even more memorable.

5. There are many amazing venues, caterers and wedding planners to choose from to create that paradise-like setting for your nuptials.

A destination wedding is a meaningful way to celebrate a very special event. Not only will the bride and groom have a celebration of their love in a memorable, intimate setting in paradise, but will also get to enjoy their guests more and their guests will have an excuse to experience a wonderful vacation, possibly for the first time. It makes sense, especially if your bridal party is Pan-Pacific, enabling special guests to attend and celebrate love.

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