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Weddings And Events After COVID-19

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

During this time, when the coronavirus dictates gatherings, travel and events, the future of large gatherings and celebrations is unknown. Weddings and corporate events have always been a way to bring together all of your loved ones and people important in your life to celebrate your new beginning or build your team and reward them out of the office.

The future of how weddings and events will be celebrated is also unknown. A destination wedding venue will be a safe intimate option for weddings and events of the future.

One reason is that, for weddings, the guest list can be much smaller—loved ones and intimate friends who’ve made an impact in your lives. For corporate team building, wellness and other events, it’s a great way to hold your event in a relaxing environment and vacation at the same time!

The future of celebrations, in general, will require scaling back large wedding guest expectations and what a better way than to have those that really matter witness your special day.

The second reason is to minimize the costs of food, decorations and other costs associated with having a traditional wedding. Or, if you have a small team and want to really reward them for prospering your organization’s bottom line for the year, having an all-inclusive destination corporate or wellness event will minimize work you and your staff will have to do yourselves.

You will still have expenses with a destination event—travel, lodging, transportation, food. But, then again, if you planned it well, you’ll also have your honeymoon or family vacation location already available.

Thirdly, a destination wedding, corporate or wellness event is a great way to travel, learn about other cultures, food and history, if that’s of interest to your attendees.

Your bridal party and wedding guests will enjoy sightseeing and other activities as well. Your team will have memories with each other as well as their families. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Finally, having a destination wedding, corporate or wellness event will be memorable for years to come. The good times you spend as a couple and with your wedding guests (if you so choose), or, your valued team members, will provide great photos, but most of all, great memories!

Visit us at and sign up to receive updates on when we’ll be opening our destination venues in the near future. You can also send us a message on our web form and tell us about your dream destination wedding, corporate or wellness event. Mahalo.

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